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Survey on Form Requirements by IBA Securities Law Committee

08. 03. 2021.

The Securities Law Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA) has conducted a survey on form requirements across 29 jurisdictions in January 2021. The Hungary insights were composed by Szecskay’s Judit Budai, Bence Molnár Sz. and Lilla Szabó.


Topics of the survey include general form requirements for contracts, digital contracts particularly in financial transaction, regulation changes on form requirements due to COVID-19 and more.


Regarding the decrees issued in Hungary during the pandemic, the Szecskay team summarizes: “The form requirements related to the decision-making of legal persons were also eased during the spring of 2020 and from 17 November 2020. However, these are provisional measures. It cannot be excluded that a major review of the electronic form requirements will follow, but it is uncertain how and when.”


To access the full survey, click here