Advertising Law Developments in Hungary in GALA Report, December 2020

14. 12. 2020.

The Global Advertising Lawyer Alliance (GALA) has published its latest global report on recent advertising law developments, covering over 50 countries. Szecskay’s Head of Advertising Law, Anikó Keller, contributed with the Hungary part.


The report covers new regulations, guidelines and other consumer protection activities including references from the individual countries, among others, on the development of brands, marketing activities such as sponsoring and sales-advertising and the user conditions of social media platforms.


“The Hungarian Competition Authority recently focused its attention on the commercial practices of multinational IT companies, resulting in larger fines than ever before.”


To find out more about the latest developments in Hungary, read the full paper here.


In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Anikó Keller.