Arbitration Powerlist 2021 by The Legal500



András Szecskay and Miklós Boronkay have been recognized in the latest list of leading CEE arbitrators by The Legal500: The Arbitration Powerlist 2021. With arbitration being a favoured form of Dispute Resolution and the international arbitration rankings being among the most used in The Legal500 directories, the Szecskay team is proud to see two of its members listed among the top arbitrators of the region. Included in this directory they “are deemed the gold standard by business.”


The publication features a spotlight article on both András Szecskay and Miklós Boronkay introducing their work and success as arbitrators.


During the research for the publication, András was described as “a figure who deserves to be listed among the international leaders in the field” by an interviewee.


Miklós is described as having “a ‘deep knowledge of almost anything one could hope to know about arbitration’ coupled with ‘a strong practical and strategic approach’ to winning cases.”


Boronkay is quoted saying: “I also consider it important to remain flexible and carry out the arbitration in a way that all parties involved have a feeling that the procedure was fair and they had the opportunity to properly present their case.”


Find the full list of the Arbitration Powerlist here.