Infrastructure and Real Estate Development

What cen we offer?

Our firm has extensive experience and practice in representing both local and multinational clients in the fields of:

  • the development of industrial parks;
  • the purchase, development, management and operation of shopping centres and hypermarkets;
  • the operation and leasing of office buildings;
  • the joint development of transport & infrastructure and public utility systems within the framework of PPP/PFI schemes with public/administrative agencies including local governments;
  • the development of mining projects;
  • power plant (traditional, wind, solar) and energy industry infrastructure projects;
  • residential property developments; and
  • the development of educational institutions.


We use Market Standards with critial eyes!

We are familiar with FIDIC based contracts, which we regularly revise, if needed. However, notwithstanding the advantages of FIDIC models, but acknowledging that the FIDIC system is required to be known precisely by the employees  of the companies in charge for the implementation, as well, we often advise our clients to use a tailor made contractual structure based on Hungarian law, that is most appropriate for the size and complexity of their own project.


Our experience in specific dispute resolution

Moreover acting as arbitrator, we gained substantial experience in legal disputes related to FIDIC based contracts.

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