Advertising Law / Consumer Protection

Enforcement of consumer protection and advertising regulation is high-priority for regulators and agencies in Hungary. For this reason, we see that companies with B2C business models in particular are needing to allocate more resources to ensure compliance in these areas in order to avoid significant exposure. 


Brands and media platforms often require support in order to comply with the latest LGBTQ-related advertising legislation across all traditional and digital channels. We help our clients in the assessment of whether their advertising and commercial communication is in line with the requirements and restrictions of Hungarian law.


Consumer protection consultancy

We assist businesses with operational advice in all areas of consumer protection. This covers everything from compliance with various provisions of consumer protection (e.g. packaging, labels, distribution, product security, product compliance) to data protection, consumer agreements, e-commerce and direct marketing.


Unfair commercial practices consultancy and trainings

A substantial part of our experience is made up of legal advice and representation in respect of unfair commercial practices, including review of advertising campaigns on a daily basis and providing our clients with training on issues of advertising law.


Defense & disputes with authorities and in courts

We have a track-record of successfully defending our clients when they are accused of not complying with consumer protection and advertising law.  Our team regularly acts in proceedings before various alternative dispute resolution and self-regulatory bodies, as well as before the Hungarian Competition Authority and other consumer protection authorities (such as the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection) and in the judicial review of the decisions of all of those authorities.

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Why do we need an advertisement compliance program?


Every company carrying out commercial advertising activities in Hungary is subject to the laws of Hungary concerning advertising. Compliance with these rules is the sole responsibility of companies themselves and, amongst other things, the breach of such rules may result in severe financial consequences. This is especially true for companies advertising sensitive products (e.g. pharmaceuticals) or targeting a sensitive segment of consumers (e.g. people with health issues or elderly people).