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Would it have been different: "Buddenbrook House" or "The Forsyte Saga"? What is the "Family Constitution" for?

27 February 2018
1 March 2018
Tuesday 27.02. 5:00 PM - 01.03. 7:00 PM

Hotel Marriott Budapest

We hear, talk about and have talked about the family constitution in general.  Now we'll look at what it is, how it can be embodied and what its role can be in practice. We get a little training on this in a presentation by Szecskay Law Office. The introductory-summary presentation will be followed by a workshop, where we will discuss concrete case studies in roundtables.

After a coffee break, we will watch an interesting presentation on Generation Y and then talk to Ildiko Pata (Pata József Gépipari Kft.) and her husband, Pal Seenger. 


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